Why do you need Task Management?

Are you fed up with searching through your emails for week old messages? Is your laptop covered in sticky notes? aPerfectTeam is designed to help you prioritise your tasks and become more efficient.

Consolidated Task Tracking

Avoid losing tasks and information and ensure you deliver before your deadlines.


Work with other departments within your organisation to create a collegiate culture that can redefine work flows.


Set priority levels for all our tasks to deliver what is urgent in a timely manner.


Want to know how your team is performing? Want to know how long task resolution is? aPerfect Teams provides a platform for viewing all the tasks your team has completed and resolution times.

Identify the areas of your team that are performing well, and understand what areas can be improved.

Accommodation Industry

For accommodation providers, aPerfectTeam helps you identify common themes of your apartments or hotel rooms which receive the most complaints. You can view your reported issues and improve your operational efficiency.

aPerfectTeam & aPerfectInspection

aPerfectTeam and aPerfectInspection work best in tandem. Conduct your inspections of your apartments or hotel rooms then create tasks from any issues identified.

Identify Wi-Fi Issue - Create Task - Maintenance Team Resolves

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team member

From a guest experience perspective, we have found that guests using aperfectstay have found the app incredibly useful in helping them become better acquainted with surrounding area, using appliances within our apartments and has encouraged guests to take advantage of our in house services.

Mo Adel

Operations Manager, thesqua.re