Helping businesses and healthcare workers fighting COVID19

Tailored to the unique requirements presented by COVID19. Schedule a demo and learn more about our COVID19 inspection.


Our COVID19 inspection is defined in line with the latest WHO cleaning guidelines. We are working with a variety of different industries to ensure that cleaning staff can deliver exceptionally high standards


Generate Reports based off the inspection submitted

Maintain a record of all the housekeeping inspections you have completed in line with WHO COVID-19 cleaning guidelines.

Download Sample Covid19 Inspection Report

Download Sample Ap10 Custom Inspection Report

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Build a second income stream: take payments at a low cost using stripe or integrate your own merchant and earn up to 30% commission on sales through third party services.

aperfect10 Inspections

From office cleaning to hotel and serviced apartment cleans, from restaurants to nursing homes, businesses are using aPerfect Inspections to tailor their COVID-19 cleaning requirements.


Want to know how your team is performing? or how long task resolution is? aPerfect Teams provides a platform for viewing all the tasks your team has completed and resolution times. Identify the areas of your team that are performing well, and understand what areas can be improved.


Monitor Real Time Reviews across Google, booking.com, Airbnb, and through your own website. calculate a Net Promoter Score real time and improve customer satisfaction.

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From a guest experience perspective, we have found that guests using aperfectstay have found the app incredibly useful in helping them become better acquainted with surrounding area, using appliances within our apartments and has encouraged guests to take advantage of our in house services.

Mo Adel

Operations Manager, thesqua.re