Managing a building can be very challenging for companies of any size. Maintenance issues may take a long time to resolve and complaints get lost in the day to day realities of operating a building. Services may only be available face to face which limits the potential of extra revenue.

aPerfectConcierge is an app designed to digitise the concierge and building management process.

Report Issues

Reporting maintenance issues has never been easier. Residents can report issues with everything from Wi-Fi to washing machines in two clicks. Once an issue has been reported, you will receive a notification detailing the issue. From here, you can create tasks to resolve the issue and provide fast resolution times.

Make Complaints

In any residential building, there will be some complaints. Whether it is noise or smell, issues often arise. In our app, residents can make complaints about noisy neighbours through the app.

In House Services

Many building management companies have in house services that residents are unaware of. Whether it is dry cleaning or maid service, you can add as many services you wish to the app to provide a new revenue stream.

Home Delivery

We offer a range of built in home delivery services for apartment buildings across London. Whether it is grocery shopping, takeaways, or taxis, we provide services that can add value to your residents.

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From a guest experience perspective, we have found that guests using aperfectstay have found the app incredibly useful in helping them become better acquainted with surrounding area, using appliances within our apartments and has encouraged guests to take advantage of our in house services.

Mo Adel

Operations Manager, thesqua.re