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aPerfect Inspections are designed to combat the spread of COVID-19 through comprehensive checklists. Ensure that COVID-19 cleans have been completed to help prevent the spread of the virus.


Our software is customisable to your industry. Whether you are a hospitality company, a restaurant, a nursing home or GP or simply wanting to provide regular exhaustive clean of your office space, aPerfect Inspection can help you.

WHO Guidelines

Our inspections are defined in line with W.H.O and CDC guidelines, to help give you the tools to help keep shared spaces clean.

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Stay Safe with aperfectDocs

From office cleaning to hotel and serviced apartment cleans, from restaurants to nursing homes, businesses are using aPerfect Inspections to tailor their COVID-19 cleaning requirements.

Custom Reports

Take your COVID-19 inspections to the next level with our expansive reporting functions to help you monitor the quality of your cleaning services. Once a clean has been completed, you receive an email report which outlines all of the details of the clean. You can then share this report with your clients or staff if you wish.

Our industry approved software provides commercial, residential or private cleaning services with a complete cleaning audit.

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From a guest experience perspective, we have found that guests using aperfectstay have found the app incredibly useful in helping them become better acquainted with surrounding area, using appliances within our apartments and has encouraged guests to take advantage of our in house services.

Mo Adel

Operations Manager, thesqua.re