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About Serviced Apartments Serviced Apartments is a tech-enabled global accommodation company that consists of 142 properties and offers corporate and luxury serviced apartments in every major gateway city across the world.

Solutions offered-

  • Property Management System
  • Channel Manager
  • Guest App
  • Housekeeping App

Challenges faced before aPerfectStay

Previously, Serviced Apartments utilized Hotelogix as their Property Management System (PMS) and Staah as their channel manager. They faced several challenges in their daily operations.

  • Manual Bookings:
    • Bookings were made manually on the PMS.
    • Lack of synchronization between PMS and the channel manager led to discrepancies and potential overbooking issues.
  • Multiple Software Usage:
    • Tasks such as creating cases, managing keys, and generating reports were spread across different software platforms.
    • This fragmented approach increased the likelihood of errors and consumed valuable time.

Integration to aPerfectStay

aPerfectStay offered a solution to their challenges by providing an automated system incorporating features like Channel Manager, Guest App, and Housekeeping.


  • Automated Bookings:
  • Manual booking processes were eliminated, reducing the chances of errors and streamlining reservation workflows.

  • Integrated Solution:
  • Serviced Apartments integrated seamlessly with the channel manager, ensuring synchronization between bookings made on the PMS and other distribution channels.

  • Centralized Management:
  • Functions such as creating cases, managing keys, and generating reports were consolidated into a single platform, eliminating the need for multiple software applications.

  • Reporting:
  • Serviced Apartments provided a unified platform for managing inventory and generating reports, offering a comprehensive view of the business with just one login.

    Performance Improvements

    • Saves Time:
      • Automation significantly reduced the time spent on routine tasks, leading to improved operational efficiency.
    • Enhanced Guest Experience:
      • The integrated Guest App and Housekeeping modules improved the overall guest experience, offering a more seamless and enjoyable stay.


United Kingdom
Why aPerfectstay
1. Synchronized bookings
2. Easy-to-use PMS software
3. Channel manager synchronization

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Automation leads to increased efficiency, which finally leads to improved performance. Also, having many reports easily available on the PMS has made day-to-day work more productive.